Welcome to the world of luxury delicacy; CAVIAR! The Caviar is a roe of a fish. It is so delicious in taste that people can pay through the sense for just a dollop. Numerous people can fall for it soon after having its first bite. Due to their delightful taste, black caviars are also called as black diamonds. There are a number of shops selling caviars, but you will find cheap caviars only on Caviarexclusive.

In spite of the fact that the caviar is too costly to afford, we are giving you this smooth delicacy at cheap rates. Beneath specified are the sorts of caviars we offer.

Kaluga (beluge fusion amber caviar): These caviars are the roe of incredible Sturgeon; beluga. Beluga is the biggest sturgeon having weight up to two thousand pounds. These pearls are the most delicate and have a mild buttery flavor. Their colour varies from dark to light grey.

Bowfin caviar: The caviar is normally dark and not tampered with the way nature intended. It’s ideal on a blini (little hotcake) with a dab of creme fraiche.

Wild paddle fish caviar: Paddlefish have medium-sized, grey coloured caviars. They are wildly popular among cooks and epicureans, and is normally served on canapes or blinis with creme fraiche, or even as a topping. It is almost same to that of Caspian Sevruga caviar in taste, color and size. It is overall a versatile and affordable alternative for any caviar lover.

Hackleback caviar: They are tiny roe of white sturgeon that is usually found in the rivers and lakes of Tennessee and Illinois. They are easy to love on account of their delicious taste. Heckleback caviar is a mouth watering delight for every caviar lover.

All these caviars are only a solitary snap far from your doorsteps. Now, you can buy cheap caviars from our website Caviarexclusive. Caviar is judged on its color, flavor, texture, maturity and we provide our customers the best possible quality of caviar. We ensure a fresh product for you and your guests to enjoy. So just make your order now!

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