Labia Reduction: Why You Actually need It?


A huge number of women out there are facing the problem of oversized labia. According to a survey, almost 36% of the gynecological cases characterize some or other kind of labial hypertrophy. That means 1 out of every 3 women face this trouble at some point in life. Unfortunately, this is something they hesitate to talk about. Even though, an oversized labia is not related to any serious health issue. Still, it can interfere with the functional and aesthetic value of life.

According to Dr. Swift, labia reduction is the only suitable way to get rid of this aesthetic difficulty. All it will take is a few hours and you will attain the perfect body forever. More than 1,000 vaginal surgeries are carried out in the city every year, giving the patients a feel of comfort, confidence, and happiness. The first goal of Dr. Swift is to ensure the ease and satisfaction of those undergoing the treatment.

The predicament here is – why an oversized labia is a problem and how a simple surgery can end the problem for a lifetime. Given below is a complete overview of the situation faced:

What is Normal Labia?
First of all, “Labia” is a Latin word that refers to the “lip”. In a female body, it acts as the protector of the clitoris and vaginal canal. Labia consist of two parts – labia majora and labia minora. The size and shape of the labia vary widely. Some women have it so thin that it is invisible externally; on the other hand, there are women with quite enlarged and long labia that make the inner lines visible.
When you ask about normal labia, we just want to tell you that there is nothing like an abnormal labia. It’s all about your comforts and discomforts. Till the time you are comfortable and confident with your body, there is no need to go under any surgery. That means as long a woman is happy and satisfied with her appearance, she can claim to have a normal labia.

The question here is – How will you determine if you have enlarged labia?
Here are some of the symptoms that will help you determine the extent of the problem.

  • Visible inner line that protrudes between the outer lips when you stand upright
  • Discomfort and pain when you wear something tight like leggings or swim suit.
  • Certain types of projection can appear in the crotch area when you wear something tight.
  • Increased risk of vaginal yeast infection
  • Discomfort during any type of physical activity like riding or cycling or even while attending the gym.

However, after giving a little attention, you will realize that long labia are associated with a number of issues like:

Low self-esteem: Every woman has a unique idea of confidence and being perfect. While some are happy with what they naturally have, the others stay unsatisfied with it. And, those who feel unsatisfied might even feel awkward. In such situation, it is better to go for the labial correction surgery.

Discomfort: An oversized labia can get rubbed against the fabric of the underwear and that can cause irritation and soreness. Mostly this problem is faced by active women who are into sports. If left untreated, this problem can even lead to pain and inflammation.

Painful Sexual Intercourse: The labia size can cause painful experience during sexual intercourse and this is the last thing any woman will want.

Embarrassment: Believe it or not, the size and shape of one’s genitalia can lead to physical distress. This is something that can make a woman considerably embarrassed. Especially for adolescent girls who are witnessing physical changes during the puberty.

There is no specific reason behind labial hypertrophy. Some women are simply born with this condition while others develop it after baby’s birth. During the childbirth, the labia tissues are stretched living it elongated than the original shape. Although this percentage is low, still a lot of women don’t get their normal shape back.

Some other causes of labial hypertrophy include massive weight gain that is followed by sudden weight loss. When you lose weight all of a sudden, the inner lips sag out and that is what known as elongated labia. In a few cases, labial hypertrophy may also be a result of aging.

For those who have gone under labial piercing at any stage of life, this is quite a common problem. We suggest you to contact a plastic surgeon in NYC at the slightest sign of discomfort. It can be treated without much hassle and the surgeons who perform the surgery are usually a Labiaplasty specialist in NYC. Manhattan’s best plastic surgeon Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D, F.A.C.S can help you by eliminating this issue. Counted among the best Labiaplasty specialist, he can surely help you in getting more proportionate vagina. Once done, you neither have to feel the awkwardness nor the pain of an enlarged vagina.

In order to help you in the most comfortable way, he leverages various surgical techniques and alternative treatments. Proper pre and post operative care will be offered to the individual after the surgery. Within no time, you will attain a body that you had always wished for.

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