Midtown Ophthalmologist: Take Care of Your Eyes, They are Worth It!


In today’s busy life, we have become slaves to the computer, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets. Spending long hours in front of the computer or mobile phone can give you pain in the neck, dry eyes, eye strain or blurred vision. Today, taking care of the eyes has become more important as people have taken the health of their eyes for granted. While they feel it’s ok to stare at the computer screens for long hours, it can have a negative effect in the long run.

Regular Eye Tests
We should always celebrate what the eyes do for us, rather than taking them for granted. Make sure you undertake an eye test once in a year to ensure everything’s fine. We will test your eyes to check whether you are suffering from a particular eye condition or to know the reason behind eye soreness. You can also choose to uptake the eye test as a family to make sure everybody gets a chance to see clearly.

Exercise and Eat Well
A diet rich in omega oils and antioxidants works best for your eyes. So make sure you snack on nuts, fresh fruits, and protein rich diet few times a week. A nutritious diet will reduce the likelihood of experiencing eye related problems. To keep your eyes healthy, indulge in some eye exercise or a 30-minute walk in the fresh air.

Wear Those Shades
Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause irreversible damage to your eyes, therefore, protect your valued eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun. So slide on your sunglasses and protect your eyes while looking great. If you wear glasses, there’s no need to sacrifice style as you can wear sunglasses fitted with prescribed lenses.

Give Some Rest To Your Eyes
Working long hours, watching TV or playing games on your iPad or iPhone can lead to eye strain. Therefore, during your work routine, take a few minutes off to refresh your eyes. Avoid working in a dim lit area and put a reminder to look off the screen after every 45 minutes of activity. You can also choose to wear anti-reflective glasses to minimize strain.

Genetics Play an Important Role
There are possibilities that you may be suffering from an eye condition because it may be hereditary. Various diseases and conditions such as the following runs in the family can be inherited from any of the parents.

  • Color blindness
  • Achromatopsia
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa

We are here to help your hard-working eyes enjoy some rest. We want to take good care of your eyes and help you keep strain off them. So if you are experiencing blurriness, tiredness in your eyes or feel that your eyes pain a lot, come to us. Dr. Michael T. Goldstein has been serving his patients with the best eye care solutions. He also offers laser surgery to correct myopia and hyperopia. Contact (212) 371-6209 or visit http://michaelgoldsteinmd.com/ to book an appointment.

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