A couple of foods have captured the luxury market entirely like caviar. Also, couple of foods arouse as much confusion. Where caviar comes from? What kind is the best? Where to buy best caviar? Why are certain types of caviar so much more expensive than others?

Caviar is essentially the salted eggs of certain variety of fish. The sturgeon fish generally called as a living fossil is the place caviar normally originates from. There are three kinds of the sturgeon: the Sevruga, Osetra and Beluga, which supply the greater part of the world’s caviar. It is essential to keep in mind that caviar from a few other kinds of fish like salmon, is not viewed as genuine caviar.

Grades of Caviar:
Caviar is normally graded by the texture and of its beads and also by flavor. For every sort of sturgeon, caviar is classified into two grades:
Grade 1 caviar includes a firm, large, intact eggs, with fine flavor and color.
Grade 2 caviar is still delightful, yet is less fragile, and not as flawlessly formed.

Depending on the kinds of sturgeon, the zone of harvest, and maintenance of the eggs after harvest; caviar can vary in appearance, flavor and texture.

Shopping for quality caviar can be terrifying. There are many shops out there offering caviar. The high cost of caviar makes it an exceptionally profitable business for sellers. However, numerous retailers do not have the experience for appropriately taking care of caviar or for ensuring their products are real and fresh. If you are interested to pay the high cost for caviar, you require a seller that knows the approach to respect and look after the product.

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