Buccal Fat Removal Specialist

Do you have lumpy cheeks? Some people are happy with the layer of fat above the cheekbones, yet if in any event the fat reaches out to the lower part of the cheeks and the goal-line, it can impart undesirable effect on your self-esteem. Cheek fat is widely considered to be responsible for giving our faces an attractively fuller and firmer look. But sometimes, the sarcastic comments like chipmunk cheeks can make you feel defeated and embarrassed. There are two main causes of fat on the face. First is your lifestyle, if you eats a lot of spicy and oily food throughout the day and don’t perform customary exercise, then it might be the primary purpose of facial fat. Furthermore, it might be your heredity character. There are numerous instances of people more than 170 cm in tallness and around 45kg in weight yet at the same time have chipmunk cheeks since it is normal among their relatives.

There are various surgeons offering numerous techniques to remove fat from the face. But you have to choose the best surgeon and technique, after all it is the matter related to your unique identity; face. Buccal fat removal surgery is most popular among people these days for removing facial fat. It is a plastic surgery technique for lessening conspicuous cheeks, by the corresponding evacuation of buccal fat-pad tissue.

What are the required conditions for buccal fat removal surgery?
For buccal fat removal surgery a patient must be:

  • More than eighteen years of age
  • Physically fit
  • A non-smoker
  • Confident
  • Realistic with the goals of the surgery

This strategy is typically done on an outpatient premise, taking around one hour to perform. Some level of swelling and injury after the surgery can be ordinary, yet this is simply temporary and can be normalized further with the help of medications prescribed by buccal fat removal specialists.

Dr. Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. is a board certified experienced surgeon in both general and plastic surgery. So, if you are searching for buccal fat removal specialist, he is the stop for you. He takes time out to explain the procedure to the patient to prepare them so that they can feel relaxed during the surgery. Contact or visit him for any sort of query.

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