b1Acne is one of the widely recognized skin diseases. Acne is the term used for blocked pores resulting in cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, nodules and lumps that occur on the face, shoulders and back. Acne may be mild, medium or serious. Lesions may even be agonizing. Acne lesions may deserts unpleasant blemishes or scars. Acne can be socially exhausting and truly affect your quality of life.

Teenagers are generally influenced, however, age is not a factor numerous adults have acne as well. In case if proper treatment is not initiated, acne can be overwhelming and can lead to permanent scars. Acne is a treatable disease. The prior you treat your acne, the higher the prognosis.

The causes of acne are numerous. Hormonal or genetics changes are common reasons for acne. Acne might be the indication of a hormonal disorder such as pregnancy, polycystic ovarian illness in women, or be made worse by oils or medications.

Symptoms or Signs:
Acne develops most often on the face, shoulders, chest, neck or back. It can range from mild to severe. A few of the symptoms of acne are:

    >Pustules also called as pimples
  • Whiteheads
  • Cysts
  • Nodules
  • Blackheads
  • Papules

Some Important Acne Management Tips:

  • Have medical facials, so as not to enlarge pores
  • Avoid oily comedogenic products that block the pores
  • Try to avoid mental stress
  • Clean your skin twice daily with a good cleanser
  • Have cysts injected immediately
  • Avoid dairy products
  • Consult a dermatologist before scarring occurs

There is a wide range of distinct varieties of acne treatments accessible. Acne treatment is personalized for every patient. Acne treatments may change from patient to patient. How to best treat acne relies on numerous factors involving cause, skin color, lesion-type, severity, lifestyle, location and medical history. To begin with acne treatment, you need to get evaluated by an acne specialist, a board-certified dermatologist.

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A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in treating diseases and cosmetic problems of skin, scalp, hair and nails. The skin is the biggest and most visible organ of the body. It shows the wellbeing of an individual and act as a hindrance to injury and microbes. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect the skin from various hazards and this can be done by seeking proper advice from a dermatologist.

There are various reasons behind needing a specialist for your skin. Some of them are given below:
Common skin problems: This is a typical reason behind visiting a dermatologist. If you are suffering from problems like acne, rosacea, and even warts; you need to consult a dermatologist. These diseases may not be life threatening, but can leave you in stress throughout the day and can also affect your self-esteem.

Unsightly problems: Problems like wrinkles and scars aren’t always painful or serious, but they can seriously affect your personality, and that can lead to all sorts of additional problems. Consulting a dermatologist may provide cost-effective solutions for all these problems. A dermatologist can give you your teen age face back even in your 30’s by removing your wrinkles and scars.

Serious skin disease: One normal reason numerous visit a dermatologist sooner or later in time is to have skin cancer, or the possibility of skin cancer, assessed. It is good to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible in all such cases.

Dermatologists are good resources in cases like these because they have an intense knowledge of some of the latest procedures in the industry, and that can spell real results for you. Also, they are the leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery. If you are searching for a dermatologist in Westchester, Treiber Dermatology Associates are the best option for you. Our aim is to provide all patients with the finest medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Contact or visit us for any sort of dermatological services in Westchester. http://treiberderm.com/

b4Fat developed on the face is called as buccal fat. Buccal fat is very different from the stomach and waist fat in both its form and appearance. These fat masses are located in the cheek between the nostril and the corner of the mouth. There are so many cosmetic surgery procedures available for almost every part of the body, but the main emphasis is on the various kinds of facial cosmetic surgery and facial implants.

Many people go for facial surgery or facial implants these days, because they think that they requires some nip and tucks here and there according to their choices. Buccal fat is a much more dense form of fat. As such, it cannot be removed through suction, but rather a small incision is made in the skin near the canola to remove this fat and this procedure is called as buccal fat removal surgery.

Buccal fat removal is the medical name given to cheek reduction surgery. The procedure is normally carried out under local anaesthetic and it takes around one to two hours in completion. Dr. Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S is an experienced buccal plastic surgeon specialised in providing both general and plastic surgeries.

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal
There are many benefits of this procedure including:

  • Thinner cheeks
  • More defined cheeks
  • Enhancement in personality
  • Gaining a boost in morale
  • Feeling more confident

Why Choose Dr. Swift?
Face is not an area for imprecise technique and it is necessary for patients to select a surgeon with lots of experience and expertise in facial surgery. Dr. Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. is a board certified experienced surgeon in both general and plastic surgery. So, if you are searching for the best buccal plastic surgeon, there is no preferable alternative over Dr. Smith for you. Schedule your appointment now and explore his best services.http://plasticsurgeonnyc.com/

Do you know that Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States? It is important to be aware of this disease irrespective of whether you are affected or not, because knowledge about it can help you prevent yourself and make others aware as well.

That is why, Dr. Alan Kling, the top HPV specialist in NYC, has differentiated the facts from myths that people have about HPV.

What is HPV?
It is a name given to a group of virus that can affect your skin and the moist membrane lining of your body. The major body parts that get affected are cervix, anus, mouth, and throat. Among these, genital HPV infections are very common and highly contagious. It can spread from sexual activities or direct contact of skin-to-skin of genital areas.

Myth #1 All strains of HPV are carcinogenic
Dr. Kling says that there are around 250 identified strains of HPV but only a few of them are carcinogenic. It can cause skin lesions and genital warts but necessarily cancer. In many cases, it may take many years to develop cancer.

Myth #2 HPV spreads by sitting at places where infected person has been sitting
HPV only is transmitted after sexual contact and in some cases due to oral sex. A person will not get infected if, for instance, he sits on the toilet seat which has been used by the infected person.
Myth #3 HPV is more common or limited to women only
HPV is only common among people who are sexually active, be it a man or woman. Both have equal chances of becoming infected. You may get infected even if you have had only one sexual partner.

Myth #4 There are always symptoms for HPV
That is not necessarily true. Many times, HPV goes undetected for years and symptoms do not show up until the situation is at its peak. Even if you are infected by the strands that can cause cancer, there still may be no symptom whatsoever.
Myth #4 Curing Genital Warts does not mean you are cured of HPV
Dr. Kling mentions that this is one of the most common misconceptions people have about HPV. You can get your genital warts but still have HPV in you and there are chances of transmission of this virus during sexual activity.

Myth #5 HPV is forever
Dr. Kling says that HPV can be cleared from our body by our immune system. This may not be the case if a person’s immune system is weak or if it is the deadly strand of virus.

Dr. Alan Kling is one of the most recognized and reputable expert voices on the topic of HPV. He has been involved in major research work about HPV and also teaches about it in major medical colleges. He strongly emphasizes the importance of spreading awareness of HPV among ever generation and sex. Parents and schools should make teens aware at the right time and the right age. He says that we are living in a technically advanced world and awareness is a crucial aspect in today’s world.
In addition, he also suggests going for vaccination while there is still time. He believes that HPV needs a lot of awareness not only among the citizens of the United States but all over the word. http://klingdermatology.com/